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AWOL Academy helps many people build a successful online business, even if you are a newbie. This article will take care of a full review about AWOL Academy the program.

Project AWOL was the name of Kameron’s team within a multi-level marketing company (MLM) called Inspire Network. Inspire Network is now gone, on the rocks

After Project AWOL and Inspire Network broke apart, Keala Kanae and Kameron George formed AWOL Academy as their own training curriculum.

It is a “high-ticket” business that is very expensive. The first initial charge is $99, then it just gets more expensive. There are six different levels within the academy. Each level includes different types of levels and different training levels for online marketing.

How much Does AWOL Academy Cost?

Pro Academy

$99 Foundation of your business
For beginners/Hold your hand
Step by step to help you create a sales direct, which turns visitors into paying customers
Website, domain, and lead pages, email responders, split testing programs and thorough arguments of affiliate marketing, all done for you.
In order to access the element you first watch a welcome video, set up your profile by answering questions about yourself and installation of your goals. Then you watch another video on how Keala & Kameron started with affiliate marketing.
Next is completed, you will schedule a coaching call. There are a few upsells through this element itself. Basically, you are walked through landing pages, email auto responders, spilt testers, and then you are talked into buying more.

Landing page program costs $48-79 per month
Email auto responder costs 15 per month
Split testing program costs 12-17 per month
This is a decent foundation to build with, however, there still is a lot left to learn with each part of affiliate marketing that they show you. Once you have the sales direct all set up, next you need to learn how to build a message list. Therefore, you need to buy the next training element, which is inbox academy.
Inbox Academy $447

Teaches you how to increase your profits from a message list
Shares “secret” techniques that pro email marketers use
This element is an email list used to get your message, your offers, and your promotions out to masses of people. The element covers concepts behind writing influential emails that your audience will not only open, but continue to be engaged with.
Inbox Academy is thought to have secret strategies as used by the world’s best email marketers to magnify the amount of subscribers who see, open, and consume your content. This can lead to the result of increasing your potential with the least effort.

Once you have a message list, the next step is renovating these customers into paying customers. Therefore, this leads to the next training element, conversion academy.

Conversion Academy $1, 797

Here you turn designs into paying customers. This is more advanced than Pro Academy.
Teaches you how to use “hypnotic” language to tell visitors to buy
Mostly teaches you how to sell from a more psychological viewpoint
In affiliate marketing conversions are key, or you make nothing.
This training element priced close to $2, 000 claims to have their most desirable conversion secrets. inches Teaching you all the hypnotic language so your audience will have an irresistible desire to order your products.

I honestly don’t think the teaching is focused on the possibility of hypnotizing your audience. It is just training on conversion strategies that work versus conversion strategies that don’t based on their research.

Once you have turned customers into paying customers and built a message list, you need to get traffic to your website. As a result you might have to purchase the next training element called traffic academy.

Traffic Academy $2, 997 Here it is explained that without traffic you will not convert customers to buy period…

How to get great quality traffic for your website
Teaches you how to get site visitors basically
The last training element, Professionals Academy, is the whole package, which includes everything mentioned above and some extra training.
Professionals Academy $5, 497

How to make long-term wealth online
If you buy up to this level, then you are making decent money, will just keep it consistent.
This level involves seeing your business from a bigger point of view.
Training here is information from top internet marketers.
This training is learning how to manage your money. At this point you have spent over $6 grand.
The element covers money management, strategic tax planning, investing, and more. I don’t know more of what is covered here. However, this is way too much money at this point.

First initial buy is $99 which is so good. The webinar I saw spent a lot of time talking about the value you will get with the Academy without entering detail of the pricing of their individual training themes.

The increasingly expensive themes that follow can empty your wallet.

In order to that once you purchase all of AWOL Academy’s training themes, you will have spent over $10, 000, and this does not have the Elite package.

The Elite package is simply a life time membership access. However, the pricing of the particular is also very expensive. I’m not too sure about the details with this package, but it is around 10 thousand dollars.

The question is do you need all this training from AWOL?

All the information on Pro Academy for $99 isn’t enough to start off with, so you will be likely to buy into the Traffic Academy and possibly the other ones.

As you can see all the training themes are very expensive and essential in order to start your own online business. The pricing for AWOL is my main concern. Most of their training is focused on paid advertising, so all the training and marketing could cost a lot in the end.

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